English Learners Programs and Support

English as a Second Language

We serve the language needs of all students who come to PLHS with limited English skills.

Our ESL class meets the needs of students in Levels 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6.

Our newest arrivals receive an additional hour of support from the English Learner Support Teacher (ELST).

All of our content area teachers accommodate our ESL students in their classes with supports and strategies that enable them to learn alongside their native English-speaking peers.

Academic Language Development

This class is offered to students who are considered Long Term English Learners, meaning they have attended school in the United States for five or more years and have not made adequate progress towards their English proficiency.

Focus on academic language for greater success in all content areas.

Reduced class size - special attention from the teacher to meet each individual student's needs.

Currently PL offers two levels of this course.

Purposeful Placement

All English learners are placed in regular content area courses that are specially designated to ensure proper placement. The students are grouped in cohorts of 8 within a larger class of their native English-speaking peers.

These courses are supported by the ELST through push-in and pull out methods.

The teachers in these content areas have been trained in strategies for working with second language students and are participating in ongoing training. The ELST supports the teachers as well with lesson planning and appropriate strategies, scaffolds and accommodations.

Specialized Support and Monitoring

All English learners receive monitoring and support from the ELST on a consistent basis.

Any student not making progress is evaluated for potential learning difficulties or other needed supports such as OASIS or daily tutoring.

Students who reach Reclassification to a Fluent English Proficient status are monitored for two years by the ELST to ensure they are still achieving at their highest potential.

Evaluation and Reclassification

All students are tested annually on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) to determine their current English language proficiency level.

Each year from 30-50 students qualify for reclassification based on these scores. This is above the district average.


We have an English Learner Advisory Committee that meets monthly to discuss the needs of the English learner community on the PL campus.

This committee has input on budgetary issues as well as programs and supports for the EL population.

The committee reports out to the SSC so that the greater school community is informed and ELACs voice is represented for important decisions.

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